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COPY ★ CONTENT ★ COMMUNICATIONS ~ I help people make human connections in a digital world. Areas of interest: human-animal bond and digital health. Email

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Why election manifestos should be addressing tech solutions for social care

During this election, new plans for social care were the most talked about topic. However, none of the plans include solutions to existing problems.

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Fun Day 2017 - Dogs for Good

Join us for a fun-filled summer event that celebrates the extra special bond we have with our four-legged friends.

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Uber and the NHS join Cera to help revolutionise home care

Home care services for older people are not fast or flexible enough. With help from Uber and in partnership with the NHS, Cera has introduced two new services to help change this.

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Infographic: Flies Controlling the Winged Menace Affecting Your Flock

Flies aren’t just a nuisance, they also carry diseases, bite and irritate your flock for much of the year. But here's the good news; you can stop them from taking a bite out of your farm’s profits.

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Why is it so important to keep on top of your dog’s vaccinations?

When you first have a tiny puppy to protect, vaccinations are at the forefront of your mind; you do everything you can to protect the dog from getting sick.

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What are the symptoms of diabetes in dogs?

Diabetes in dogs is a serious, hormonal condition that can easily go undiagnosed. Why? Because symptoms can be subtle and easily overlooked.

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How to build an active and engaged online community

Do you know the worst mistake a vet can make on social media?

How to stay hydrated its a doddle when you know how article

How to Stay Hydrated (It's a Doddle When You Know How)

You already know you need to drink more water and have every intention of doing it, but it’s not always so easy. Life gets in the way and you forget. Before you know it, you’re not drinking enough water and staying on Plan feels instantly harder.

Here are some cunning tricks to stay hydrated...

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Clostridia disease – how to vaccinate and protect against it

Clostridial diseases have been a livestock issue for hundreds of years and affect species all around the world.

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How to help uncover a happier life for a hoarder

The problem with hoarding is you can only see the clutter. Yet when hoarding becomes a problem, what lies beneath is a deeply troubled mind.

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Coping with the behavioural changes of dementia

Being verbally or physically attacked by an older adult with dementia comes as a shock. Even more so when the person you love or care for has shown no past history of violence.

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Sheep lice: The chewing insect affecting your flock

Lice are dependent on a host for their survival. When your sheep become the host, lice can spread quickly and rapidly between them.

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How Twitter can help grow your practice

If you sometimes feel disconnected from your customer base, social media could be your saviour.

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Marketing your practice as a preventative healthcare provider

You probably already think of your practice as a preventative health care provider, but do your customers?

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Online devices for an older person

Have you thought about getting an older adult online? Apps aren’t only for the young.